Gastrotapas and Casseroles

Tiny bites to be enjoyed with the traditional midday vermouth or as an original afternoon snack. Do not forget to try them with a nice beer “caña” or a good glass of local Ribera del Duero wine.

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Individual proposals

“My way"

If you belong to those who rebel against the Chief Cook and you do not miss the chance to scream out loud your hunger for freedom, you are kindly invited to choose from our individual suggestions. No table cloth: you can enjoy your meal sitting or standing, by yourself or with friends, or even with Lucio – he may well be your friend as well. Just grab a beer, a glass of wine or a bottle to share... What a plan!

Just do it your way.

And don’t forget that we have a really sidereal hotplate-grill, forged by Vulcan himself, where you can enjoy a full barbecue (of meat or vegetables) or sink your teeth into one of our legendary burgers. 

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Gastrobar | Propuestas Individuales | Morcilla de Fuenteandrino con Pimientos de Torquemada
Gastrobar | Propuestas Individuales | Pimientos de Torquemada asados y aliñados al Aceite de Oliva Virgen



We know you are classic-styled: you are a Frank Sinatra's fan, you watched all episodes from “Wonder Years” and a Sunday breakfast is a must for you. Forget about it. From now on, Palencian vegetable mix, Lechazo Churro and roasted Gilt head bream, all Lucio's style, will become your favourite dishes. Our meat, fish o traditional stews could make your mom cry out of jealousy.

But don't worry, you can always be a good child and invite her here! She will want us to tell her our desserts recipes!


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I promise I will begin with my diet on Monday; It is just today; Just a tiny bite... Forget about your old excuses. Leche frita with licorice flambé, Fluff pastry cake with custard cream and hot chocolate or our Rice with milk are good reasons to take a break for a day... They will make you cry out of joy! Remember: with a spoon full of sugar...

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Postres | Crema de Requesón con Chocolate caliente y Miel de brezo
Postres | Pastel de Requesón sobre Crema de Toffee y Caramelo tostado
Postres | Crema de Arroz con Leche y Helado de Canela
Postres | Milhojas de Hojaldre, Crema pastelera y Chocolate caliente
Postres | Leche Frita con Flambé de Anís




Our land is one of magnificent wine with their own personality. Castillian meseta hosts several internationally acclaimed wine varieties labeled with Protected Designation of Origin (Ribera del Duero, Cigales, Rueda...). Our neighbour region, La Rioja, is another gigantic and relevant wine pioneer.

We pride ourselves of offering a selection of these and other wine varieties, both national and international, such as Albariño white wine, Catalonian Cava, French Champagne, Chilean and Californian red wine.

After lunch or at midday, after an illy espresso, our legendary cocktail bar offers you the best Premium Gins (Martin Millers, Beefeter 24, Hendrics,...). Have a smooth perfect GinTonic, a glass of well-known Scottish Single-malt whisky (Glenfidich, Macallan...), brandy or cognac (Luis Felipe, Remy Martin,...), rum, vodka or our famous homemade patxaran.

We are located at the very heart of the city, so take advantage of it and do not come by car!


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El mueble bar de Casa Lucio