Lucio Pastor  ·  Ideologist, father and manager

His career in the catering business started in Bilbao as a member of restaurant staffs, working in kitchens and as a barman until he began to render his military compulsory service in 1973.
In 1976-77, he is a member of the opening staff at the Fuentes Carrionas Hotel in Velilla del Rio Carrion, a manager at the La Piramide restaurant in Dueñas and also at the Provincial Hospital Café.
From 1978 to 1984, he consolidates his long career as cocktail barman at the Franciscus Bar in Palencia.
In 1985 and until 1987 he becomes a member of the Las Calabazas Café (Palencia) staff, where he works as a manager.
In 1987 the Plaza Mayor Tavern is opened in Palencia, and he is appointed as responsible for the staff management until 1989.
In 1989 he embarks on his great personal project by opening the Casa Lucio restaurant, which he still runs to date along with his family.
At the end of 2015 Lucio continues his great project, moving his business to premises located right in front of the "old restaurant", making a complete transformation both in the concept and in the way to enjoy leisure and cuisine in Palencia


Auri Bodero  ·  Wife and administrator

Responsible for the administrative tasks in Casa Lucio.

Borja Pastor  ·  Son, Chief Cook, present and future

Technical degree in Cookery and Gastronomy by Virgen de la Calle Vocational Training School.
Wholistic Cooking course by Hofmann School (Barcelona).
Residential course by Kursaal (San Sebastian).
He works for a year as a room waiter at Roig Robí restaurant (Barcelona).
He is a staff member at the Carles Gaig restaurant (Barcelona) for a year.
He has been Chief Cook at Casa Lucio restaurant since 2000 onwards.

Familia Pastor
Lucio Pastor
Borja Pastor
Auri Bodero


Outdoor Space

This is a space that is not exactly with what we might call a terrace; a kind of evolved "Andalusian patio", a suitably conditioned botanical garden featuring several group tables, to share moments of leisure, while watching in first person the quiet passage of life in the social and commercial centre of the city.

Bar - Gastrobar Space

We cross the threshold of our "outdoor space" and enter an inner area defined by an eminently "gastro" space. A longitudinal bar ending in a stunning hotplate-grill show cooking area, preceding a contiguous and diaphanous environment, equipped with tables where you can enjoy a great snacks, a burger (mythical at Lucio Asador Gastrobar) or grilled meat or vegetables... the bar, as usual, is a genuine fantasia of tapas, brochettes and casseroles, plus a hotbed of Palencia social life... a whole range of references from the Ribera del Duero and major D.O. wines to satisfy the most discerning palates, which can be enjoyed by the glass or in full bottles.

On the walls of this space, you can begin to see some of the jewels of the artistic collection that Lucio treasures with true devotion, works by established artists (most of them local) such as Álvaro Reja, Felix de la Vega or Capel, among others… 

Main Dining Room

In classic style, with high ceilings, rock crystal chandeliers and checkered flooring, this cozy dining room that seats 30 people is a renovated space that earlier belonged to the former Hotel Samaria, located in the past on the premises currently occupied by Lucio Asador Gastrobar, a place decorated with taste and harmony that will help time pass more slowly when you are here; a space, in short, perfect for a business lunch, a family reunion or a romantic evening.

We can host up to 80 people under the Dining Room's vaulted structure, which used to belong to the basement of the Palencia Casino (a 150-year local Leisure Society), being this originally built to serve as local administration offices in the 16th century.

We can delight ourselves with the works by Alvaro Reja, Felix de la Vega and other relevant Palencian artists that are on its walls side by side with some stained glass windows, which allow us to take a look at the everyday life in Palencia.

The chimney dominates the room at its back side, being its loyal subjects the ironworked radiators that watch in silence how our customers enjoy their tabletalk.


Hall of Art

A long narrow space, truly unique and away from the everyday "busyness" of the bar, which is a real art gallery! A place to escape with the pleasure of a good wine or a good conversation, forgetting the "tick" of the clock... and if hunger pangs appear, a place to improvise a casual dinner or snack meal.